A Conversation with Ted Brown: Co-founder of Digital Onboarding

10/22/20 / by Autobooks

In this episode, Derik is joined by Ted Brown - co-founder of Digital Onboarding.

Derik and Ted talk about the founding of Digital Onboarding, which like many startups, was a result of a pivot from the original idea. Ted shares how the Digital Onboarding platform can help financial institutions drive product adoption and revenue without requiring implementation of a complex marketing automation system.

They also discuss Ted’s experience in fintech, starting in college for a company named Andera (now owned by Bottomline), one of the first digital account opening solutions. With digital account opening being such a hot topic these days, it’s interesting to hear how much different the conversations were with financial institutions 15 years ago compared to now.

Ted provides a lot of great insights as to how early stage fintech companies should spend more time and effort on educating financial institutions, rather than selling them on features and benefits.

 About Digital Onboarding

The Digital Onboarding Our platform makes it easy for people & businesses to adopt products & services that make life better. Our team has a deep history in the digital account origination space. We know that account holders don't always turn into deep and profitable relationships. After a conversation with one of the nation’s largest credit unions, DCU, we decided to address this critical gap. The Digital Onboarding platform was born in the fall of 2017.



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