December Monthly Webinar - Preparing for 2022: Reviewing Our Standout Resources From This Year

01/4/22 / by Autobooks

Understanding the SMB Cash Flow Flywheel

When it comes to small business banking, there has been little clarity on what your institution needs to know — and do — to re-engage and monetize this crucial segment. Until now.

From day one, the Autobooks team has been deeply committed to better understanding the needs of small business owners. To this end, we’ve spent countless hours researching the changing small business market and the banking landscape surrounding them. Now, we want to share our vital knowledge with you through our newest selection of free guides.

Join Derik Sutton, industry veteran and VP of Marketing at Autobooks, as he takes a deep dive into the new guides our team has created for your financial institution.

What you should expect to learn:

• Where you can go to access our new guides, as well as all of our other supporting resources
• How to approach our guides — it’s best to read them in a specific order to deepen your knowledge
• Key take-aways you can gain from reading each guide — get insight into the voice of the business customer and the financial institution
• How you can take the next step beyond our guides, and become small business heroes in the process

Listen to Derik Sutton, industry veteran and VP of Marketing at Autobooks, as he reviews Autobooks' latest resources. 

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