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The Impact of Digital and the Lost Art of Community

4/19/18 2:25 PM / by Andrew Bank

In this episode the host John Siracusa interviews Derik Sutton of and they discuss the lost art of community and understanding of the personal needs of the customer within digital banking. They discuss the common thread that led to the creation and growth of most financial institutions, large financial technology companies, and today's Fintech startups.  Banks and credit unions have the opportunity to once again collaborate with their technology partners to continue their important role of community building and serving. 

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Andrew Bank

Written by Andrew Bank

Andrew Bank works on strategy, marketing, and business development for Autobooks, a white-labeled, integrated receivables platform that turns financial institutions into the central hub for their business clients’ daily activity. Autobooks provides financial institutions with an all-in-one invoicing, payments, and accounting solution, seamlessly integrated with their online banking.

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