The Job of "Getting Paid at a Distance"

In this episode we discuss the recent impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the small businesses we serve, and how our product principles created long before the pandemic have been able to holdup at a time when businesses are being forced to "Get paid at a distance."  


During the conversation you’ll hear us talk about Jobs to be done, a product development framework that we use.  You’ll hear terms like demand, supply, customer progress, and jobs.   These are all terms used within the framework.  To learn more about Jobs to be done, we would encourage you to read Competing Against Luck by Clayton Christensen.  

Joining us this episode is Bob Moesta.  Bob is President and Founder of the Rewired Group and is among the principal architects of the Jobs to be Done theory, which emerged in the mid-90s out of the Harvard Business School under the guidance of Clayton Christensen.

Bob recently co-authored Choosing College with Michael B. Horn, written to help individuals of all ages navigate their lifelong learning decisions by starting with them understanding their “why”.